Since 1st November 2004, the Korporation Kerns may proudly call the Sportcamp Melchtal for their own. How did it happen, you will learn in a short Sportcamp Chronicle:

During World War II, the state government has built a hospital facility in Melchtal. The base hospital will initially be managed by the Armed Forces Pharmacy Bern, only since 1945, with the war going on the administration to the Federal arsenal of Sarnen.

From 1949 to manage the leased building, in addition to the usual occupation by military forces, to the Belgian holiday camp “Intersoc”. From 1975, the era of disability sports camps followed. Nursing staff of the army was responsible for the care.

Only many years later, after 1976, a new building was constructed with large kitchen, Truppenlager wrote again national history. In the Balkans there is war. Adolf Ogi was currently President. On the occasion, he founded a charity with the slogan “A Heart for Children”. 100 war-traumatized children from the Balkans will be able to experience for 14 days holiday and peace in Switzerland. So the first two camps were held in Truppenlager Melchtal.

At the spring meeting of 11th May 2004 the corporation Kerns assembly approved a credit of CHF 220,000 for the purchase of the troops in the camp Durrenbach. On 1st November 2004, the sale of the Swiss Confederation in the corporation Kerns was sealed. At achievement is seven parcels totaling 70’299 m² of land with a total of 40 buildings, inventory and 1’222 beds.

There followed then a couple of years of development and upheaval with the intent to make out of the former military camp a modern camp with 600 beds.

Three sleeping pavilions were rebuilt in modern comfort houses. The big dorms disappeared and it emerged rooms, some even with a shower / WC. This small groups have the opportunity to provide for themselves, two smaller kitchens were installed.

The huge army kitchen in the main house has been completely remodeled. There was a slightly smaller kitchen with modern appliances. From the recovered place a dining room was taken, the place offers for groups up to 250 people.

For ecological reasons, and because the old oil heating system had had its day slowly, a loan for the conversion of heating was approved at the Corporation meeting. Many pipelines were laid and a large schnitzel bunker for the new chip heating system was created. On June 14, 2012 for the first time smoke rose.

Are we constantly about to make minor structural alteration measures in order to make our guests’ stay more comfortable. New games and sports equipment to be purchased continuously.

We welcome you today quite welcome, see for yourself what we have succeeded to this day!