Comfort house

Our comfort houses offer our guests a special and comfortable atmosphere. You have plenty of space and the bed linen, which are included in the price, can also be dispensed with the sleeping bag. All utilities and the tourist tax are included in the price.

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Also self-catering are welcome

The comfort houses 3 and 5 have a kitchen and an adjoining dining room. So, also self-catering is possible.


The comfort houses stores 4, 5 and 14 are wheelchair-accessible and also have a disabled toilet.






Listing accommodations
House Animal names
Total beds Ground plan
Comfort house 2 Bear 52 Ground plan Bear
Comfort house 3 (Dusche/WC im Zimmer) Fox 34 Ground plan Fox
Comfort house 4 Rabbit 47 Ground plan Rabbit
Comfort house 5 Marmot 33 Ground plan Marmot
Pavillon 8, game room und bar Ground plan Playroom & bar
Comfort house14 Badger 53 Ground plan Badger