The pavilions offer plenty of space.

Eight buildings, each with 42 / 50 beds in generous strokes are available to our guests. In this offer all utilities and taxes are included. You only need to bring a sleeping bag. A pillow with suit exists. On request we can also provide these accommodations nordic available.


Our pavilions are all wheelchair-accessible and are equipped with a toilet for the disabled.


Inscription pavilions

In Sportcamp Melchtal it is animal-like.
Since summer of 2016, each pavilion bears the name of an animal. Which animal would you expect when you visit Sportcamp?

Listing accommodation
House Animal name Total beds ground plan
Pavilion 6 Wolf 50 ground plan wolf
Pavilion 7 Deer 38 ground plan deer
Pavilion 8, game room and bar ground plan playroom & bar
Pavilion 11 Eagle 50 ground plan eagle
Pavilion 12 Egli 42 ground plan egli
Pavilion 13 Capricorn 42 ground plan capricorn
Pavilion 15 Chamois 50 ground plan chamois
Pavilion 16 Bearded vulture 42 ground plan bearded vulture